Fluffy Friends for Children with Chronic Conditions

Up to 40% of the 18 million children living with a chronic illness in the US alone develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

Who We Are

At Fluffy Friends for Children with Chronic Conditions, we are driven by a single goal: to ensure all children with chronic conditions feel safe and secure.

This is what our founder envisioned. This is what we embody.


Striving to lessen the negative effects of lifelong illness on chronically-ill patients, such as medical PTSD, through physician-patient trust.

We believe in taking action in order to comfort vulnerable children and to raise public awareness about chronic illnesses and their effects on young, fragile patients. We promote our values to ensure all children with chronic illnesses never feel that they are overlooked. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Our Initiative: Making a Difference

Fluffy Friends Program

Strengthening physician-patient trust with a teddy bear personalized to each patient's diagnosis, ensuring no child ever feels alone in their journey with a lifelong illness.

Our Purpose

Patients with lifelong diagnoses will always need their physician. A trusting relationship is one of the key factors of adverse childhood event (ACE) outcomes. A teddy bear is a child's best friend, often the first, who understands life in every way. The Fluffy Friends program provides physicians with a tool to demonstrate compassionate care while providing patients with a forever friend. Additionally, empathetic care has been demonstrated to help prevent physician burnout. Here at Fluffy Friends for Children with Chronic Conditions, we work to strengthen patient's support system so that they never feel alone.